Individual Karate Training

The prime benefit of Karate training is a physically and mentally strong body. We want to spread health to every nook of this world. Hence, strive to be the best Karate Training centre in Thrissur to provide you with optimum knowledge. We take Karate classes for people of all ages. If you wish to learn the nuances of Karate individually, we will also cater to the same. We desire to witness you accomplish your goals. It may be achieving a fit body or winning accolades by participating in various Karate championships.

Our one-to-one sessions with the best Karate coach will provide you with the following benefits-

Personalized Karate Training

The Karate classes will be specifically designed to suit your requirements. Our renowned and experienced trainer for Karate will ensure that the individual karate training is a mix of lessons comfortable for your body type, sex, age and will meet your ultimate aim.

Learn More in Less Time

The individual karate training session is curated so that you learn more karate fighting in less time. There is no way to lose your attention span as our best karate coach will continuously monitor and guide you.

Pursue various types of karate training

There are various types of Karate. When you enrol in the individual karate training, we will train you in all these types and help to master the in-depth karate techniques and their expert application process.

Get doubts clarified immediately

During individual karate training sessions, you will not have to wait to ask questions until someone else finishes the moves. You can instantly clarify your doubts by communicating with the karate instructor then and there. Hence, you will be able to train better and acquaint the karate classes quickly and perfectly.

Karate Instructor training and Licensing

Karate classes provide you with a fit body and open doors to a fulfilling career opportunity. You can be a successful Karate instructor, earn a handsome amount, and provide your services to enhance your students' health and fitness. If you wish to be a karate instructor, we have a unique program to take you faster towards your goal. Becoming the best karate master will require you to have persistence, intense practice and continuous hard work. We will ensure that our Karate classes are of the highest levels and shall bring the best in you during the study.

We offer-

Customised classes

Though the prime aim of Karate Training is to be fit, becoming the best Karate instructor is another zeal. It will require you to go through intense training and hard work for years.
We will customise our karate classes to train you excessively and introduce new milestones with each Karate training session. Each of our sports karate classes shall ensure that you are on the path to becoming the best Karate master for the coming generations.

Train for the Black belt

The best karate instructors thoroughly know their job and have in-depth knowledge about karate training. To attain the position of karate instructor, one must achieve a rank of black belt.
To ensure that you train to become the best karate coach in Thrissur and around the world, we shall be assisting in attaining the black belt and enhancing your teaching qualities. We will have special karate training to ensure your grade as the best karate instructor with a black belt.


In addition to hard work, perseverance, and years of training for becoming the best karate coach, you will also require certification for starting your karate classes. We shall provide you with legitimate certificates that will help set up a Karate Dojo and acquire the initial trust from your students.

Black Belt Dan Grading &Certification

In the 1880s, Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, introduced the belt colour to determine the Dan Grading. Until then, there were only certifications in Karate training. Once you surpass the 'Kyu' or the basic rank, your 'dan' grading begins. This also means that you can be a licenced karate instructor but not a Karate expert. Presently there are 10 dan gradings that you will receive after completion of each stage in Karate training.
So, how many years will it take until you receive the first black belt in Karate Training?- There is no fixed time. Like every tree bears fruits differently, so will a human achieve the black belt at varied timings. Whenever you are qualified for a black belt in Karate classes, it results from your tireless labour and dedication.
The three things that will take you towards a black belt are-


As you learn more about Karate Kata, Kumite and Kihon, it increases your knowledge bank regarding Karate training. It will take time before you achieve the technical karate training knowledge and begin to learn its implementation.


During your Karate training, when you learn to implement the knowledge through impromptu reflexes, you start to hone your skills. With consistent practice, you will eventually refine the skills to become an expert.


Character is essential to achieve a black belt, as only someone with strong willpower can work to earn a black belt. We shall guide you on each of the requisites for black belt Dan grading and ensure that you reach your goals in time. Also, we shall be providing certification acceptable worldwide, so you shall have a promising career ahead.

Club, District, State, Country, Affiliation

Nochikan Karate International welcomes Karate enthusiasts for the membership of Affiliation. We will love to collaborate and take the Karate skills to more people and enrich their lives.

Who can join as our Affiliate?

Presently Nochikan Karate Internal is providing membership of Affiliation to 3 types of Karate practitioners.

  • National Shotokan Organization
  • Regional Shotokan Organization
  • Individual Dojos

What are the benefits of being our affiliate member?

Nochikan Karate International believes in the overall development of its affiliate members. We strive to provide them with the maximum benefits of joining our team. We aim to grow and endow the people around us with mental and physical well-being through Karate classes. Membership of Affiliation at Nochikan Karate International can help train and imbibe the skills required to pursue Karate a career. We provide both practical and technical training to our members and endow them with all the necessary knowledge to better grasp Karate better.

We are also constantly conducting training programs, seminars and camps to improve the Karate coaching classes and provide a multi-dimensional knowledge bases. Here at Nochikan, we shall be providing intensive Karate training in all the categories, i.e., Kumite, Kata and Kihon. You will have an opportunity to train as a coach, judge or referee for Karate. Whether you are a national karate organization or an individual dojo, all of our members will be entitled to prepare and participate in regional, state, national and international Karate championships and prove their mettle. We aim to lend our members the best-in-class Karate coaching and acknowledge their skills through Dan rankings and certifications.

Benefits at a glance

During your Karate training, when you learn to implement the knowledge through impromptu reflexes, you start to hone your skills. With consistent practice, you will eventually refine the skills to become an expert.


  • Technical and Practical training through professionals
  • Group learning through training programs, seminars and camps
  • Intensive karate training in all categories; Kumite, Kata, Kihon
  • Opt for a career as a coach, judge and referee
  • Prepare and appear at all championships, including those at the international levels
  • Acquire Dan rankings and certifications
  • Software for online assessment of Affiliate members, instructors, and students

Everybody is a warrior in disguise. Bring out your hidden fighter with our dynamic Karate classes. Contact us for queries related to affiliation, and we shall gladly answer to welcome you into the herd.


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