Sports karate is a combat sport that combines elements of traditional karate with modern competitive rules. It is divided into two main categories of karate: kumite […]

Self-Defense Training For Women

Self-defense training for women is a transformative experience that goes beyond physical techniques. It equips women with the tools to protect themselves and navigate the world […]

Black Belt Dan Grading & Certification

Black Belt Dan Grading and Certification, Typically refer to the process of advancing to a higher level of expertise in martial arts. Specifically in disciplines that […]

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Benefits of Karate Training and Ramadan Fasting

Karate training and Ramadan fasting are both practices that offer numerous health benefits. Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan, and focuses on […]

Karate Classes in Thrissur

Karate Classes in Thrissur for All Age Groups Karate is a popular form of martial art that involves a series of kicks, punches, and blocks. It […]

Karate and Academic performance

Karate training showers you with immense physical strength and endurance. The positive changes in your body will be evident once you start regular karate classes. However, […]